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Hi, I'm Jess.  Projector in human design, mom, wife and coffee enthusiast.  As a 22 year entrepreneur, I've learned that the solution isn't in MORE marketing, it's in aligned marketing.  Specifically: marketing that aligns to your human design and the way you're meant to function.

I'm so glad you're here.

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Human Design Based Marketing for Coaches


If you’re a coach who seemingly has all the right pieces in place – the offers, the emails, your website and even the reels on Instagram – but still struggle to bring those ideal clients into your coaching business, Human Design may be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. 


If you haven’t heard of it, Human Design is an ever-evolving system that combines ancient wisdom with a spiritual science to map out the uniqueness coded within you from birth. With almost creepy accuracy, your Human Design chart reveals your exact energetic makeup through what’s called your “bodygraph”.  

Your bodygraph is essentially a chart of you and acts as an roadmap for life that has been custom-tailored to you. It shows how to make the best decisions for your life, what work energizes (not drains) you, and especially relevant for coaches – who you’re here to serve based on how you’re built to make money in this life.


Think of Human Design as the owner’s manual to your unique path in life. 


It systematically lights up the pathways for you to take inspired action fused with intuition - all leading you to what you want in this life without a lot of friction or hesitation. AKA:  you get to be yourself AND create the life you’ve been looking for all these years. 


The key is leveraging this human design knowledge to amplify your strengths while obliterating self-sabotaging patterns that you’ve picked up along the journey of life. In other words, you’re going to learn how to be yourself without apology or compromise.


And THAT is why Human Design is an incredible tool for coaches who need to market their businesses.


Because what’s more powerful than a coach who is showing up fully, authentically and without any imposter syndrome or self sabotage??  

Your bodygraph is going to show you any number or combination of defined or open centers (the shapes), and active or inactive gates (the numbers).  These are the keys to understanding your Human Design Type, and also your authority, strategy, superpowers and the quirky things that make you the most unique and incredible human ever. 


Your chart is going to tell you that you have a “type” - you’ll be a Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.  In general, each type is unique, but in business?  Each type is designed to lead and niche differently.


So let’s talk about the energy types and how each is designed to niche or not to niche in business. 


You are here to create energy for everyone else and do the things that light you up, and ONLY the things that light you up. You think you’re the energizer bunny but the truth is that you also need rest. You might feel like you are tireless, and you can definitely produce a lot over time, but in order to avoid burnout as a Generator, you need to find a rhythm between doing things and resting. You’re here to create energy for everyone else, and if your battery is on empty, you’re not helping anyone. 

In business, this means that you have to prioritize periods of down time to recharge.  But it also means that working with people in your business who light you up and energize you is important.  Your niche is important.  

GENERATOR NICHE: As a generator, your niche is not a person.  It’s the work you do.   It must energize you.

So think about what you enjoy doing.  What work lights you up? THAT is your niche.  When you identify the work you love to do, you can then think about who you like to do that work for.



You’re pretty intense.  You’re here to light fires, blaze trails and leave a wake in your absence.  You are fearless, and we all know it. You are a leader, you love change and you have no problem being bold, magnetic and have a very much “get on board or get out of my way” kind of attitude. 

You’re here to follow your urges and initiate whatever you feel called to initiate.  And when you speak, others will feel inspired to join you.  But remember that rest is important - you can’t recognize your urges if you’re running on fumes.  

In business, it’s important to follow your urges, see them through to the point where another type take over, and then rest. 

MANIFESTOR NICHE: Your niche is going to be broad. You will feel boxed in by a small niche because you have a bigness about you and your energy is always fluid.  If you’re a manifestor, it’s important for you to focus on the end result or the destination. That is your niche.  It’s not about the person, but the result, or where you’re going.  When you talk about the end result or where you’re going, you’ll naturally attract people at the right place to join you on that journey.  The rest will be repelled by it.  

Manifestors are not necessarily an expert at one topic, so most manifestors have micro-niches. For every offer you have, you will focus on the end result, sell it and then you’ll move on.  You are fluid in your niche and it’s dependent on your urges at the moment. 


Manifesting Generators 

A fusion type with the consistent output of Generators plus the initiating edge of Manifestors. Their impact intensifies when engaged with exciting ideas and people. Bold innovators and activating forces. MG’s need to find a balance between the need for action and consistency.  Your communication in business is going to be a mix of being ridiculously direct, and also responsive.  You need to be clear in your intentions, but also allow yourself the time to respond thoughtfully.  MG’s need to choose projects that keep you engaged and leverage the magnetic energy you have.

In your business, your niche is meant to grow with you.  You’re multi passionate and need a niche that is not narrow.  You’ll do well to have many micro niches, and they might be overlapping, but they give you the flexibility to target where ever you feel called to target at the moment.  

Your focus in business is not on the person you want to serve - but on the result you provide that person.  It’s important for you to solve problems that are fun for you to solve, and secondarily, work with the kinds of people you like working with.  

Your multi passionate zone of genius is fun to witness because you’re a serial creator and always on to something new.  That doesn't mean you haven’t made great change in the lives of the people you help - it just means you’re always pursuing something even better or more interesting to you.

MANIFESTING GENERATOR NICHE: Your niche is broad and ever changing, but always going to be focused on the end result you’re leading people too at the moment.  The right people will always find a way into that with you

Think: leading edge of change.



You’re the guides of this world and are here to see and not necessarily DO.  You have massive amounts of wisdom in your minds and through your experience and you’re the best coaches.  You can digest diverse perspectives and get to the heart of any matter quickly, and you see things in others before they see it in themselves.  But it’s important for you to wait for the invitation before sharing your wisdom or it will feel invasive.  The person you’re dispelling your guidance on to must first ask for it so that they can hear it.  Otherwise, you’ll feel bitter, and that feeling is no fun.

In your business, you’re insanely efficient, but you need to be aware of your unique need for a lot of rest. You’re not designed to work all day like a Generator, and it’s important to prioritize rest. 

Projectors in business are here to niche down.You are the expert.  You have a system.You have knowledge. You have this wheelhouse and that wheelhouse applies to a specific subset of people with a specific problem.  

PROJECTOR NICHE: Your niche is your system and area of expertise - not the people.  It’s not your job to decide who needs it, but instead it’s your job to just niche down what you talk about.  Show up, talk about it repeatedly, and the people who resonate will resonate.  

Find the system you teach and make that your niche.  Projectors are here to become experts in a topic, help whoever needs that system and stay on that system almost routinely. You’re not here to bounce around from topic to topic. You’re the guide - and your content needs to establish you as the expert. When you focus all of your content on your niche of your wheelhouse system, you’ll attract new people consistently.

The people may be broad, but the system and what it does is very niche.



You’re the mirror of society, and a rare open being who absorbs energy from around them before arriving at internal truths to share outwardly. Because you have so much openness, you require extensive alone time before making major decisions, and you’re designed to wait a lunar cycle before making any major decisions. How you feel today about a big decision and how you feel next week will change based on the placement of the moon. The lunar cycle gives you a well rounded perspective on your decision, and allows you to make the most aligned choices when you wait. 

In business, you’re a natural advisor. You see things others cannot see, and you love to sample many different things and bring your wisdom to your community.

REFLECTOR NICHE: When it comes to niching down, your niche is different. Your niche is your community, as you are great at connecting. Surround yourself with a community, and lead that community with your wisdom. You are here to predict trends, offer your intuitive opinions and predict patterns.  No matter what your industry, your niche will likely be narrow in terms of what you talk about, but broad in the types of people it helps.

It’s similar to a projector, and your niche will be focused to help you manage your energy, but it will be broad in who it helps. You’re a chameleon right?  You will show up for your community as whoever they need you to be.  The community will be a melting pot of people, but the topic will be centered around your intuitive expertise in an industry or topic. Your niche is your topic, and your community is a melting pot of people who are needing that intuitive wisdom.



Beyond defining your niche, your chart also reveals how to show up  in your business and lead from an energetically aligned place that magnetizes ideal clients straight into your ecosystem.


No matter your type, you have a strategy.  This strategy spells out how you are designed to leverage your energy in life and business. 

  • Generators, you’re here to respond to the sacral gut “yes” and essentially follow your bliss. 
  • Manifestors you’re here to inform others about what you’re doing. 
  • Manifesting Generators, you’re here to respond to that sacral and also inform. 
  • Projectors, you’re waiting for the invitation before sharing your guidance. 
  • Reflectors, you’re waiting one lunar cycle before making any large decisions. 


Your strategy helps you avoid burnout.  It’s the best way for you to ensure that you have enough energy to pursue the things you want in life, and aren’t exhausted all of the time. 

Meanwhile, your chart signifies your authority, which is your own inner compass for discerning the truth of any situation. Your authority is the key to clarity, an inner knowing about things, and it will act as a giant street light telling you when to stop, go and proceed with caution.   Authorities are:  Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Mental, No/Lunar, or Heart Authority.

The strategy and Authority are key for coaches who are aligning their human design to their business, and it’s unique to each person, but here’s how it might look for the different types:

  • As a Generator, respond intuitively to the things that light you up instead of pushing initiatives. Check in before major moves: “Does this feel right? How's my energy telling me to proceed?” Then trust your sacral authority.
  • As a Manifestor, your strategy involves informing before acting decisively. Give clients a heads up around offerings or directional pivots beforehand. Yet own your choices without apology after considering input.
  • Manifesting Generators thrive by acting on inspiration consistently to embody inventive ideas before informing key supporters. Maintain flexibility to change course amid further activations.
  • Projectors strategically wait for the right invitations before sharing guidance. Only offer your reflections when explicitly asked. No impulse offerings unless you sense receptive energy. Honor cycles of activity and rest and focus on becoming the expert of a system.
  • For Reflectors, stick to your inner authority without being swayed by others’ expectations. Require ample alone time for clarity to arise through that lunar cycle before determining next moves. Tactfully request space to ponder progress and embrace a deep, introspective process for recharging and finding clarity in your life and business.


The key is granting yourself permission to lead in alignment rather than forcing unnatural rhythms. Allowing your strategy and authority to steer operations through ebbs and flows of expansion, and trusting whatever that authority says.  This is how you attract the amazing clients who are looking for exactly what you offer. No longer hiding unique quirks but boldly embracing them through the permission of your chart. 


Once clear on your niche and leadership style, you can infuse that human design awareness into your marketing to truly magnetize your ideal community. This means presenting your offerings through channels and branding that feels organic to you while resonating with those you’re built to serve. 

For Generators, consistency and transparency attracts your people with amazing accuracy. When a Generator shows up consistently in her marketing, and provides value to her audience, it creates buzz.  Generators can benefit from content that shares the journey, behind the scenes and showcases the love they have for their topic of genius.   The energy you create around what you love to talk about will act as a magnet for the people who are interested. 

As a Manifestor, lean towards bold content marketing that powerfully announces your arrival and stands out. Be proudly disruptive amid a sea of sameness in your industry, and showcase your innovations. Take the mic as a podcaster or host webinars to mesmerize through your stage presence.  No matter what avenue you choose as a Manifestor, when you speak you will inspire others to take action, so be direct, be bold and tell people what you’re passionate about. The ones who love you will follow along and the rest will be repelled. 

Manifesting Generators magnetize through infectious optimism and envisioning big potentialities. Hype your transformations via before-and-afters spotlighting accelerated progress to enroll fellow change-makers ready to level up.   Showcase your behind the scenes and the multipassionate method by which you live your life. Showcase the variety of your life and business with a high energy lens of content and it will magnetize naturally. 

If you’re a Projector, leverage niched communities to create intimate spaces for deeper dialogue before publicly sharing your wisdom wider. Cultivate trust within established circles via insider Q&As rather than constant social media broadcasts. Create rapport through relatability.  Remember that someone on your email list or in your community has already invited you, so you can comfortably speak freely. 

Reflectors, you have an open energy field that deeply absorbs a variety of perspectives and stimuli from the environment before turning that experience into wisdom. This requires marketing that feels aligned to your process. Lead with education and insights rather than calls-to-action. Cultivate communities through long-form writing, like blogs and essays, that invite reflection rather than impulse decisions. Create space for pause amid our hurried world. A Reflector should share at a sustainable pace rather than pressurizing productivity. 


Your unique Human Design provides the blueprint for building your coaching practice effortlessly. With Human Design as your guide, cultivating impact and income becomes about intention rather than that “look at me” energy we see online today. It is all about ditching the exhaustion of copying the gurus and the marketing they do,  and instead aligning your marketing, niche and visibility to the way you were designed to move through life. .   


Your marketing, your business and your revenue generation should be a natural extension of you the person.  Human Design is the very first step to making that an easy transition. 

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