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 Supercharge Your Marketing with Human Design


The rat race is exhausting.


But it doesn't have to be.

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As an entrepreneur, you know what it's like to constantly face obstacles in growing your business:

  • Feeling depleted and burnt out from overwork

  •  Having an inconsistent client/customer pipeline  

  •  Pricing your offers lower than their true value

  •  Failing to clearly articulate your niche and unique talents

  •  Creating marketing content that doesn't effectively convert

  •  Doubting yourself and facing imposter syndrome



You're certainly no stranger to the frustration that is being an entrepreneur in this modern time.




What if there were an empowering path to overcome these challenges, gracefully expand your business, and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a beautiful reality??


The good news: there is.


And it all starts with your Human Design.


As an entrepreneur, understanding your Human Design is the key to maximizing potential and allowing EASE into your business.


Your unique design is the secret to expanding your innate gifts, as well as unlocking strategies to help you maximize your potential.


Think of it as an entrepreneurial GPS, guiding you directly to success.


Once you understand your Human Design, you gain insight into:

The ideal entrepreneurial path meant just for you
How to price your offers to reflect their immense value 
Energy management tailored to your needs for peak performance
Streamlining your business operations and workflow 
Attracting the ideal clients who you're energetically designed to serve
Creating magnetic content that turns browsers into long-term buyers
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A step by step guide to leveraging your natural strengths, energy and the unique blueprint of your Human Design in business.

What You'll Learn:


  • How you're uniquely designed to make decisions in business.
  • The best schedule for your energetic work style
  • Content strategies for your unique energy type.
  • Uncover your optimal conditions for creativity and focus.
  • How to avoid decision fatigue by understanding how to make choices that align with your design.
  • How to optimize your workflow based on your Human Design to enhance efficiency.
  • Identify the most effective marketing and communication strategies based on your design.


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There are so many things I was doing that were sabotaging my coaching business.  Learning how to shift my content and messaging to align to my Human Design has been so eye opening. I am obsessed with knowing more now."

 Alice F.

Financial Coach

What You'll Get On The Inside:

 16 Videos and trainings walking you through 4 Phases:


Phase 1:  Introduction and A tour of the Bodygraph

Learn the history of human design, what it is and what each of the pieces means on the Bodygraph (chart), and if you don't know your type, we'll even show you how to run your chart for free.


Phase 2: Your Energy Type

Learn what it means to be a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.  

You'll learn your energy needs, strategy for engaging in life and even how you're meant to optimize your productivity in this life and in your business.


Phase 3: Your Authority

Every person has a unique authority for making aligned decisions in their life and business. You'll learn about yours, and we'll share some tips with you on how to strengthen your connection to this authority


Phase 4:  Marketing by Human Design

Learn the process for integrating your human design into your marketing and content. Broken down by energy type, this training will teach you the specific ways you are designed to connect to your audience, market your services and even the best kinds of content for you to be making. 

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Jayna R.

I was about 30 minutes into this and had one of those "oooohhhhhh" moments.  The kind where I could see very clearly why things are not working for me in my marketing.  This course is easy to understand, Jessica is awesome, and OMG the number of aha moments I had is insane.  Worth 20x more than what she's charging."

Claire G.

"I had heard of Human Design before, but never thought of applying it to my business and marketing.  The content module ALONE is incredibly valuable.  Mind.Blown."

MaryBeth U.

"The way Jessica teaches this is simple and so easy to follow, and my head is spinning in the best way.  I can see so many changes that need to happen in my business to not only make it feel better for ME, but also to make it resonate with my audience.  Such an amazing course."