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With The Power of Human Design

The truth?



When I first started my coaching business I had rose colored glasses on.

I was going to make an impact AND I was going to make money.

It wasn't until I really started grinding away at content and marketing when I realized the thing no one tells coaches:

Marketing is impossibly hard.

  • Making content is hard.
  • Knowing what to create is hard.
  • Selling is hard.
  • People suck sometimes.

The gurus are all over social media tell you what it CAN be, but they conveniently forget to tell you that the journey there is going to be hell.

Unless, of course, you pay them for their program and then it will be smooth sailing with no bumps.


Marketing may never be easy, but it doesn't have to be grueling either.


As a coach, I've been in the trenches.


I've had years that were thriving with $100K months.

I've also had years where I barely made enough to pay my mortgage. 


I've had clients who've fired me for being blonde (sadly, true story).

I've had clients who've purchased every single thing I've ever offered, and are still with me 8 years later.


I've also been burnt out.

Seriously air-fried-crispy to the point where my paralysis in business caused me to shut it all down.

I was paralyzed by exhaustion. I couldn't take another minute of the rat race.

  • I didn't have a work life balance.
  • I didn't love my clients.
  • I hated making content.
  • I just couldn't find the motivation to DO anything.


Something had to give, and for me, it was everything. 

I shut it all down to quiet the noise.



During this "hiatus" from my business, I discovered a lot about myself:

  • I think better when I'm not overscheduled.

  • I need HOURS a day just to BE with no expectations.

  • I'm only designed to work 2-3 hours a day (or I'll burn out)

  • I'm not a fan of discovery calls.

  • I don't mind content when it feels intentional. 

  • I'm not built to sell in the way everyone teaches. Pushy tactics are just not an energetic match for me



My abundance stems from the quiet.

  • Quiet content.

  • Quiet marketing

  • Quietly following my human design.

  • Quiet connection.



Today, I help coaches embrace the quiet too.

Here's how:


Learn how to embrace your Human Design and incorporate it into your marketing, content and visibility.






For new coaches who need the foundations to build a thriving and profitable coaching business. This is a coaching membership with everything you'll ever need, plus live coaching.




EVOLVE: the (human) design of business

A program designed for coaches who are in the trenches, but beginning to burn out.  Learn how to infuse your human design into every aspect of business and scale to new heights without burnout.




Looking to dip your toe in the water?

Join the Aligned Entrepreneurs free Facebook Group.  Live trainings, Q+A sessions and of course:  other coaches to connect with.




Most would describe me as a mother, wife, Penn State fan, coffee lover, barre enthusiast and entrepreneur. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society loves to tell us that we are all alike, but you and I both know that's not true.   The way that I'm designed to function in my life looks different than the way you are designed.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, and an intentional uncovering of exactly who you're meant to be inside of your life - and your business. 

"Jess is a unicorn in the coaching industry. She's honest, funny and I've never met anyone so transparent and truthful about the way things really are."

Cama Oliver

"I spent the last 3 years burnt out, exhausted and wanting to quit. Jess held my hand, turned me around and made me fall in love with both myself, and my business again.  And she helped me make some damned good money in the process." 

Wendy Rollings