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Hi, I'm Jess.  Projector in human design, mom, wife and coffee enthusiast.  As a 22 year entrepreneur, I've learned that the solution isn't in MORE marketing, it's in aligned marketing.  Specifically: marketing that aligns to your human design and the way you're meant to function.

I'm so glad you're here.

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Embrace Your Human Design To Grow as a Life Coach

Do you ever feel burned out, stressed and exhausted from the constant hustle that is required as a coach in this current landscape?

You pour so much care and passion into helping your clients, yet struggle to find balance, joy and ease in running your own business.

If you're like me, you love your clients. You love their transformation. You LOVE watching them go from where they are to that next level - it's literally why you keep doing this.

But for the LOVE:  marketing. Social Media.  Hustle. Hustle. Hustle.

The truth?  You're sabotaging your own success in business by trying to be something you're not.

Every single one of us is designed differently, and when you try to market yourself like the guru up the street, it will flop.

Almost every time.



The solution? Stop working against who you authentically are at your core.

Your human design is the secret to figuring out the unique way your soul was divinely designed to operate in this world - and in your business.

Once you embrace this, you can build a coaching business that allows you to grow abundantly, impactfully and sustainably - without burnout.




First, know that you’re not alone. Burnout is rampant across the coaching industry.

In my business, having worked with more than 3000 coaches,  68% report moderate to high levels of exhaustion.

That - well, it's unacceptable. 

The coaching journey involves intense emotional labor and energy expenditure. Many coaches suck at establishing proper life/work balance and boundaries. They overextend themselves trying to perfectly meet clients’ needs 24/7.  

But on top of the actual management of clients, coaches are burning out from wearing a million other hats. Marketing. Finance. Customer Service. 

The mental, emotional and physical toll quickly leads to adrenal fatigue, cynicism and wanting to throw in the towel.

Of course, most coaches start out bright-eyed, fueled by passion and a calling to help others thrive. But working against your soul’s true grain quickly erodes that joy and stamina.

The good news is that you have a unique design, tailored strengths and ideal working style coded within you.


Human design is an astrological framework that reveals your soul’s one-of-a-kind operating instructions manual.

Your design is calculated based on your exact time/place of birth and mapping of the planets at that moment.

It brings conscious awareness to the way you’re uniquely hardwired energetically.  (click here to run your chart for free.)


Your chart will show you:

- How your energy body is configured (aura types)

- Specific energy centers in your chart defined or open

- Inner authority for decision-making (mental, emotional, body wisdom)

- What zaps/fuels you (fears, motivations)

- Ideal work environments and schedules

- Communication style and relationship preferences

- Unique path for empowerment


It's the formula for your personal operating system.




Here are some ways Human Design can help coaches in business:


Refine Your Niche & Offerings

What you’re naturally gifted at likely ties into your defined centers and inner motivations. Some people will be correct for you, and others will not.  Human Design can help you adjust your niche accordingly so that the people you're working with are always correct for you.  When you know how your aura works to attract (or repel), you can adjust your messaging, your niche, your strategy and your content to accommodate that innate power.



Shape Your Schedule

Design your calendar around your ideal flow states. Those types who are cyclical should adopt flexible schedules to ride their wave. Others need strict routine to feel grounded. Your chart will tell you if you are designed for structure or flow so that you can design your work day around those needs.  

Side note: This was one of the most powerful things for me to scale my coaching business. My schedule changed dramatically - and so did my productivity.


Set Boundaries

Every energy type is designed to work differently. For example, Projectors are meant to work just a few hours a day as they are incredibly efficient as non-energy beings.  They have to be efficient to maximize what energy they DO have, and so a 3 hour workday is perfect.   Manifesting Generators have tons of energy that needs to be used up every day. 

Your goal in business is to prevent burnout by establishing firm boundaries around working hours, days off, email time and client access according to how you were designed to function optimally.


Streamline Systems

Each energy type gets stressed by different things. Some love to multitask (MG's), and others have a one track mind (Generators).   Minimize stress by leveraging systems to automate and delegate what drains your energy type and does not sit in your wheelhouse.  Burnout can easily be avoided by freeing up mental space for your zone of genius work with clients.



Rethink Your Marketing Approach

Marketing your services in alignment with your strengths and style takes intentional focus. Each type is designed to promote differently.  Generators would do well to stop making content that isn't fun for them.  Manifestors have the ability to speak and inspire others to DO almost immediately. Their magic is in speaking things aloud.   Projectors do best to market in a way that establishes expertise, and sit back to wait for people to invite them in to guide and mentor.   Reflectors are almost always best to focus on attraction marketing and evergreen approaches.

No matter your type, it's important to understand how you function, so you can tailor your marketing to align to your design.  So you DON'T burn out by trying to be something you're not.



The more you can redesign your business and lifestyle around your human design, the more you free yourself from burnout-inducing friction. You step into deep alignment with your soul’s purpose. Your work becomes a channel for self-actualization and genius rather than a drain.

By honoring your true nature as a coach, you pave the way for sustainable success driven by joy and ease. Understanding your human design and how it relates to your business allows you to step out of running yourself ragged trying to fit a rigid mold that leads you to burnout, hating your business and quitting too soon.



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