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How To Surrender To The Universe


We hear it all of the time. Surrender. Turn it over to God. Surrender to the Universe. Let it go and let it be. It all sounds so amazing in theory, right? If we could just learn to surrender our worries, our fears and all of the stuff that weighs us down over to some unseen higher power, life would be that much easier.

We both know that it’s much easier said than practiced, and that is what we’re tapping into today. We’re going to chat about what it actually means to surrender, to have faith and to truly “let it go.”

Faith is a finicky thing. 75% of Americans say they believe in a higher power and give it some kind of label. God. Universe. Source. Spirit. Inner Being. 75% of Americans identify as believing that there is a force greater than themselves in control of everything. 75% of Americans say things like “everything happens for a reason” or “if it’s meant to be, it will be.”

Yet- and here’s the kicker for you - a large percentage of those people have a distinctly difficult time truly believing in the actual power of their higher power.

Here’s what I mean: if you truly believed that there was a higher power guiding everything, and that all you had to do was trust and enjoy the ride, you would have no issue surrendering because that faith would be so strong that surrender would be a side effect of your absolute faith.

Most people say they believe in the existence of a higher power, but they do not have FAITH in a higher power. And that is where the glitch lies for humanity when it comes to the law of attraction, surrender and truly letting go.

Belief that something larger than you is out there is one thing, but it takes true faith to TRUST and KNOW that the same power can help you achieve all of your dreams.

What most people are missing is trust, and it’s for one simple reason:

They are focused on what IS.

I get it - as a human being, it is very easy to look at what’s around you and see it for what it is: the truth. Your reality. When you look at your bank account and the numbers are low, it’s hard to believe anything else. When you look at your spouse and it is true that he is in fact sleeping with his coworker, it’s hard to see that as anything else.

Unfortunately, for those of you who love to look at how things are and perpetually complain about them, there's a hard truth that you need to hear:

You focusing on what IS right now is the exact thing that is keeping you from surrendering and trusting. You are so focused on the present - the way things are that you cannot see the path to trusting your higher power to make things better.

An important lesson for you:

Everything that has happened in your life is a manifestation.

It HAS happened. Past tense. So when you look at your bank account being low or your cheating spouse, that HAS happened. It’s already manifested. Your continued focus on that situation is keeping you vibrationally aligned to it - which basically means that if you keep focusing on the wound, the wound will hurt a lot longer than if you distracted your mind from it.

To trust the Universe and surrender your journey requires a simple shift from you:

Everything in front of you is a manifestation.

The people. The situations. The feelings. The food. The phone. Everything.

The universe IS bringing you everything you are asking for - whether you want it or not. The Universe is responding to your vibration, and everything you have or do not have right now is your proof. Hard, solid evidence of how you are currently connected to your higher power. If you have what you want, then your connection has been more positive than negative. But if you’re seeing a lot of what you don’t want? Your connection to your higher power needs some work.

Since we KNOW that the Universe is constantly manifesting for you because you have constant manifestations (wanted or unwanted), surrendering is as easy as realizing that to get what you want, you have to get yourself on the frequency of your higher power. 

Your higher power is not residing on the frequency of grief, resentment, anger, jealousy, fear or gossip. Your higher power is much higher than that, and until you can achieve THAT vibration, you will not see manifestations you want - but you’ll see a whole slew of manifestations you do not want.

Here’s the thing: you can have absolute faith that what shows up for you is a reflection of how you’ve been vibrating. 100% -  that is fact - a law of the Universe.

Surrendering your path to the Universe means that the only thing you need to do to have doors open for you is to let go of the doorknob. Go do something fun. Take a walk. Go dancing. Meditate. Read a book. Just let go of the doorknob so the Universe can open it for you.

The way you do that? Remind yourself that to manifest what you want, you have to vibrate higher. To vibrate higher? You have to feel good more often.

That is the work to surrender. Feeling better more often than not. Releasing negative emotions. Letting go of the judgement and the toxic emotions that lower your vibration to the levels of attracting a lot of what you don’t enjoy.

In the end, you must trust that the Universe is always working for you, and today remind yourself that you BELIEVE a higher power exists. Now it’s time for you to TRUST that if you simply let go and have a little more fun, your higher power can get to work moving in your favor.

If you keep clinging on to that doorknob like it’s your job, I hope you are ready for a bumpy ride. It is my hope that this serves as your reminder that at any time, you can let go. At any time, you can choose to laugh, sing, dance or meditate to let the Universe out of your grip and into a flurry of positive manifestations just for you.

Surrender doesn’t have to be this big and dramatic presentation. It can be as simple as you saying to yourself:

“Right now I’m stressed. I feel anxious. I’m worried. And I can feel my hand gripping that doorknob in a death grip. But today, just for today, I’m going to not think about that, I’m going to turn my focus to something that feels better to me, and I’m going to let go of the knob. Just for today.”

Rinse. Repeat. Every damned day.

If you do? Watch what happens because it will be magical.



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