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How Forgiveness (or lack of) is Sabotaging You

Truth time:  you're an adult.  It's time to forgive those who have trespassed against you. I don't care if the thing you experienced was huge or tiny - if you are still reliving it today, you need to let go of it so that you can live better tomorrow.

When you hang on to something that has happened in the past - large or small - you are only impacting YOUR now. 

Here's how it works:

The thing happens.  Big. Small. Medium sized.  You're hurt. Offended. Taken off guard.

  • You tell people.
  • You tell more people.
  • You talk about it over and over again.

All of this focus on that thing is lowering your vibration into fear, anger, stress, upset - low, low, low vibration.

When you are in a low vibration, guess what?  You attract from a low vibration.

So, what happens?  You are rehashing the experience, and it's keeping that low vibration active in your life, and the Universe responds in kind.  You attract lots of things you don't want to happen.

  • Traffic.
  • Arguments.
  • Unexpected bills.
  • Illness.

That low vibration you're keeping by rehashing the offense over and over is certainly doing a number on your life right now, and pretty soon YEARS pass and you can still remember the trespass against you like it was yesterday - and your vibration has been busy manifesting lots and lots of frustrating things that you do not want to experience.

You think you're just unlucky.

You think the world is out to get you.

You think that you're just not a happy person.


You are just keeping a negative vibration active by reliving something that happened in the past.

And you are not without the power to change that right now.

Fastest method:  stop thinking about what that person did to you. Stop allowing your mind to rehash it and replay it.

Instead, start thinking about what's good around you.  When you notice the good, you become grateful. Gratitude is a step in the best direction.

Then, pause to take a step back and look at what that experience did FOR you.  How did it make you stronger? How did it change you? How can you look back and see it for the gift that it was in your growth journey with the Universe?

Begin to look at the infractions of the past as happening FOR you - as a way to help you become a better person, a more evolved soul and more connected to your source.

You will always receive what you think about.

Read that again.

You will always receive what you think about.

So, it stands to reason that if your vibration is low because you're spending your time rehashing happenings of the past, you'll receive manifestations from a low vibration.

Lots and lots of things you don't want.

The only solution you have is to raise your vibration.  Now. Pronto. As soon as you raise your vibration, all of that negative momentum starts moving in the other direction and things will start to look up. 






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