Mapping Your Magic


Using Human Design To Boost Your Brand

What will we cover?  Here's a start:

  • What is your unique profile design, and what does that even mean for your business?
  • The strategy that your design is meant to be using in marketing, content and visibility.
  • How your unique energetic blueprint is designed to make decisions and market your business
  • The limitations that may be holding you back from showing up fully in your business.
  • The specific processes and considerations to help you step fully into marketing that is aligned to your design

And so much more.



I'm a coffee addict, business coach and a human design junkie - in that order.

There are 3 things that I believe every human being on this planet needs to master in order to live their "best life" and have a successful business:


1. Vibration - how you show up to this world and the energy you bring forth. Most people are low, LOW vibe, and don't even know it.


2. Your Human Design - Every single person has an energetic blueprint that is literally like a "life instruction manual" for your unique self.  When we master our HD strategy, our authority and live life accordingly, so much becomes effortless. Life just FEELS better.


3. Intention.  We have to stop living life by default and be intentional about each and every piece of our world. We are the creators of everything we experience, every reaction we have, and every step going forward.

how did human design


In the early days of my HD journey, I learned so much about myself just through my chart.   The things I learned were so powerful that I changed my career, I stopped saying yes to everything, and I even started prioritizing naps.


Yep. Human design gave me permission to make the choices that were best for ME and the way I was designed to be here on this Earth.  

That translated into my business. When I started making decisions by using my unique authority, and I moved through life using my strategy in human design, my business exploded.  The chart gave me the validation I needed to truly step into a business that was good for me - instead of a business that burned me out.

And I hope it does the same for you.